Last month, I wrote a thing about working alone as a programmer. It was meant to illustrate my eagerness to work with a good team, learn from others, receive and eventually give advice. It was meant to add another voice of agreement to what others have written on the topic.

It was meant to be published to this blog, but instead sat in my local database, waiting to be edited, until I realized the article was completely worthless. It was really just me venting, with my usual amount of timidity thrown in.

I’ve been building websites for over a decade. I can’t remember the first “homepage” my aunt showed me how to make, but I have a vague recollection of making a predictably horrifying Angelfire site with my childhood best friend prior to the y2k.

In all this time, I’ve never really had my own website though. I think I’ve written a total of four blog posts (for myself) over the years, but I’ve created and occasionally made live dozens of websites filled with filler text over the years. I always intended the websites to become actual blogs, but I never had anything to write about.

I still don’t really have anything to write about, which is a problem. I’ve had plans for a programming blog for about two years now, with the hope that it would make me more hirable. Yet here I am, still with no blog posts.

The thing is, I’d much rather be building budget software, writing silly games in JS, or adding features to people’s websites.