This website’s theme was originally conceived to be a learning project, both for myself and for others. In an attempt to make transparent the process of building this website, I’m including future development ideas and plans below.

Note, of course, that this website is a personal project. The information below is structured in a way that I currently find best for staying on-task with a project that has no deadlines, no clients, and no cash incentive. If you’re looking for what it’s like to build something as part of a team or for a client, it isn’t like this.


– v.? of my first JS game, a LCARS-styled basic math game

things I should do

– broken mobile menu ASAP
– enable comments, I suppose
– make the 404 page
– parsing
— new line creates a new paragraph, not just a <br> element
– styling
— basic code blocks
— paragraphs breaks, etc
– filters / categories

things I might want to do

– flexbox the header menu
– revision dates in post/page meta

features to consider

– markdown
– syntax highlighting