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This website is a personal project. It is the personal project of a woman who is passionately in love with the Maker movement and who thinks the world is vastly improved by making information and learning as accessible as possible. I freely share code and knowledge (as well as my confusion and misconceptions) here.

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Hi, I’m Willow Sells. I enjoy making browsers, servers, circuits, and the world do things.

I’m currently employed at, a locally-based e-commerce company, where I get to solve problems and argue with my coworkers over who has the worst jokes. Thankfully, e-commerce has way more interesting problems than I realized before I took this job.

I have a history configuring LEMP servers, working with useless or hated PHP frameworks, obsessing over recursion and future customizability, finding obscure bugs in particular versions of jQuery, wishing SASS didn’t have to compile into often-awful CSS, wondering why MySQL Workbench has to crash at least once a day, and complaining about non-responsive webpages.

I know that sounds awfully negative, but, truth be told, I’m happy there are things to complain about. I live for the feeling that comes with solving a frustrating, mind-boggling problem, and I like knowing there are always things to fix.

In my spare time I build circuits for fun projects, write code for whatever strikes my fancy, dance (think Footloose), and go on adventures far away (or just in my own backyard).

I can be reached via email at