This website is a personal project. It is the personal project of a woman who struggles with the desire to constantly do all of the things at once. I prefer to keep my thoughts on this project within this project; it makes it easier to pick back up where I left off later.

“Enterprise Math”

  • come up with a better name for this — I’d like to rename it NCC-1701-M, but…
  • redesign responsively
  • redesign for more game-like interface using warp engine animations
  • finish implementing controls for fine tuning the problem sets


things I should do

  • redesign mobile menu
  • enable comments
  • make the 404 page
  • imgs should upload by default as size appropriate for site
  • parsing
    • two line breaks before & after content create a paragraph element; nothing creates a <br> element
  • styling
    • h3s should probably be better-styled
    • img styling for inside content
    • visually useful uls for actual content lists
    • long-press for element-generating buttons
    • allow the user to tab-indent
  • filters / categories
  • make a better README

things I might want to do

  • flexbox the header menu
  • revision dates in post/page meta
  • option to use post’s revision date instead of original publication date for chronological order in loop
  • conquer the world
  • table of contents functionality

features to consider

  • markdown
  • syntax highlighting